3 Things To Look For When Apartment Hunting On A Budget

Living in a low rent place does not mean having to live somewhere that is depressing to wake up in. There are a few things to look out for if you don't have a lot of money to spend on rent, but still want to be happy in your own home.The corner apartment When I just graduated college and could no longer afford to live in my expensive college neighborhood, my friend who I planned on living with found a building she was so excited about. When she brought me to it, I was less than thrilled. The neighborhood was dirty and some shady characters were wandering around. I was skeptical but then my friend dragged me upstairs, swung open the door to an empty apartment and I swore I heard angels. The place was flooded with light. The living room was huge. It was so happy and homy feeling. Why? Because it was the corner apartment. Meaning there was an entire extra wall of windows and extra space. Typically, in low rent buildings, you can get the corner apartment for a tiny bit more money than the other units, but with a lot more space and light.Near a scene Sometimes, right around the corner from dingy apartments is a great going out area or shopping plaza. While our street after college was less than perfect, we were a ten minute walk and mere 3 minute drive from Sony Studios, and a happening, trendy and clean going out area with tons of restaurants, shops and bars. On any given day when I was feeling down about my run down neighborhood, I'd just walk down the street and be in line at a coffee shop amongst a studio executive, a voice coach to the stars and very put together people. One voice coach once mistook me for a celebrity and offered me free singing lessons. I guess just being in that area makes you look famous. I was flattered (but to that celebrity out there, apparently one voice coach thinks you need to improve your voice).A big living space Having a big living room or family room makes you feel like your entire apartment is big. You spend most of your time there anyways so, if you can find a place with relatively small bedrooms, but a big living room area, guests will be impressed when they walk into your home and you probably won't even be paying much for it because of those small bedrooms tucked in the back.