Personal Injury Cases Managed By Pennsylvania Attorneys

In Pennsylvania, personal injury cases give claimants a chance to seek compensation for injuries and financial losses. Personal injury laws and statutes determine how claimants proceed. The statute of limitations defines how long the claimant has to start a claim. Personal injury lawyers provide legal assistance for cases that fall within their areas of practice.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial truck accidents require investigations by law enforcement officers. The findings must show the commercial driver followed all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. The investigation continues until the officers determine the exact cause of the accident. Claimants file lawsuits according to the investigation results. Common causes include regulations violations, DUI, faulty parts, improper maintenance, and failures to stop at weigh stations.

Automobile Accident Cases

Automobile accident cases start after the responsible driver doesn’t provide compensation to the victims. The state of Pennsylvania isn’t a no-fault state, and all drivers are required to carry at least auto liability coverage. If a victim wins their case, they receive monetary damages to cover medical expenses and auto repair requirements. The court provides tort-based damages if the victim sustains permanent injuries, including a loss of limb or organ or disfigurements. A permanent disability plays a role in the outcome of the case, too.

What to Expect During a Product Liability Case

Product liability cases might require intervention by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. The federal agency requires manufacturers to warn consumers about dangerous products. Dangerous products marketed without proper warnings make the manufacturer liable if consumers are injured.

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency reviews the report filed by the injured consumer. If several consumers are injured, the agency issues a recall for the product. The recall explains the expectations of the manufacturer. Recalls require full refunds, repairs, or damages depending on the consumer’s injuries.

In Pennsylvania, personal injury cases open a legal avenue for collecting monetary damages. Claimants file a lawsuit after the defendant’s insurer doesn’t offer compensation in auto or trucking accident cases. Product liability cases start after a consumer sustains an injury while using any product. Claimants who need more information about personal injury laws are encouraged to contact an attorney or click here for more info now.

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