Compelling Reasons to Filter Tap Water

Doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day, but bottled water is expensive. Don’t assume that drinking water straight from the tap is the best alternative. Instead, read on to find out why drinking filtered tap water is the best way to go.

Tap Water Is Often Contaminated

Before reaching the kitchen sink, tap water flows through miles of pipelines. More often than not, it picks up plenty of contaminants along the way. The best way to remove contaminants and ensure that the whole family has access to plenty of clean, healthy, tasty drinking water is to purchase a high-quality water filtration system.

Remove Chemical Disinfectants

Most tap water is disinfected to reduce the potential for transmission of water-borne illnesses using chlorine, ammonia, or chloramines. These chemicals are a necessary evil, as they prevent the spread of disease, but unfortunately, they’re not very healthy. Berkey Water Filter Systems remove more than 99.9% of chlorine and other chemical disinfectants.

Get Rid of Fluoride

In many cities, water is fortified using fluoride. While a small amount of fluoride is believed by some to be good for consumers’ teeth, excess amounts can cause thyroid disorders, neurological problems, and even reproductive issues. High-quality water filters remove over 99.9% of fluoride from tap water, making it safe to drink.

Remove Pharmaceutical Contaminants

Pharmaceutical drugs enter municipal water systems through both human waste and consumers who intentionally flush their pills down the toilet. Municipal treatment plants do not remove anywhere near 100% of pharmaceutical contaminants. Berkey water filters remove nearly all of them.

Avoid Bottled Water

Bottled water is no better than tap water. It’s expensive, and there’s no way for consumers to know exactly what they’re paying for since the bottled water market is almost completely unregulated. In fact, some bottled water is just tap water from a different part of the country.

The Bottom Line

The best way to ensure that the whole household has access to a constant supply of fresh, clean water isn’t to buy bottled water every week. The solution is to invest in a high-quality filtration system that will remove contaminants and improve the taste of the water coming from the family’s tap.

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