3 Reasons Bedbugs Should Be Removed by Professionals

Bedbugs used to be so common in the U.S. that they were taken for granted. Eventually powerful insecticides were developed, and the problem became fairly rare. However, in recent years a new strain of pesticide-resistant bedbugs has been identified and is causing thousands of infestations. World travelers have also been importing the insects without knowing it. The bugs are excellent travelers, reproduce quickly, and are hard to eliminate. Fortunately, a well-trained exterminator can provide solutions.

It Is Hard to Locate Bedbugs

One of the primary reasons that bedbugs continue to flourish is their size. They are very tiny and can live almost anywhere. It is common for the insects to take up residence in furniture, carpeting, in closets, and even spaces as small as picture frames. Many people do not even recognize them when they finally see them. Even if they find them in their mattresses and then eliminate bedding, most will not realize they have a bigger problem.

Improper Treatment Does Not Do the Job

Bedbugs are also difficult to eliminate because they can survive most treatments. Historically, homeowners would throw out affected items and even burn them. Since heat will kill both adults and eggs, some people saved belongings by cleaning their homes thoroughly, leaving some items in the sun for hours, and putting washables in the dryer. However, DIY treatments can fail to get all the bugs and victims may still need to destroy things that cannot be washed or subjected to heat.

Experts Offer Guaranteed Removal

Fortunately, many pest control companies have developed advanced methods specifically designed to eliminate bedbugs and save customers’ property. One method uses whole room heat treatments. Clients do need to remove anything that is heat sensitive and ensure no pets are left in homes. Insecticide treatments are also popular and effective. Licensed technicians use a variety of products that cover every inch of homes, including baseboards and electrical outlets. Expert treatments work well and clients have the benefit of guarantees.

Bedbug infestations are on the rise in the U.S. because a new strain of the insect resists traditional pesticides. DIY treatments are generally not a good idea because it is hard to locate all the bugs and victims may need to destroy some belongings. Pest control experts can eliminate bedbugs without destroying customers’ property and offer several guaranteed options.

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